We don’t ask you to apply for specific roles, instead we ask for a chance to get to know. Our process takes a little longer than other recruiting firms, and you won’t learn about open opportunities until the final step, but remember our goal is a perfect fit for you and your potential employer. Expect to be mentored and coached during every step of the process, whether you get hired or not. Here’s a full breakdown of our process.


Step One: Get Us Your Details

Answer a few simple questions and upload your resume. We'll do a quick screen and successful candidates will be invited to a First Impressions call. Currently about 40% of applicants make it through this stage.



Step Three: Video Conference

We use RingCentral Meetings to meet with you face to face. This time is focused on understanding your passions, pursuits and priorities. We'll also offer actionable advice on your presentation skills. Brandon and Kara host these video chats which typically last 45-minutes.

Adam W.
Client Development Manager Candidate
"The interest and level of detail to knowing my needs and wants in a potential placement was extremely refreshing compared to other recruiting services."  


Andrew M.
Sales Development Candidate
"Tim has a fantastic, experienced view of the SaaS world. It really shows his desire to help people in this process."

Step Two: First Impressions Call

Kara conducts most of our first impressions calls. She'll take time to hear about you as a person. The tone of this call is designed to be relaxed and personal. No need to prepare. Just allow your true personality to show through. Expect to spend 30-minutes with us.

Jacklyn C.
Customer Success Candidate
"My call with Kara was very relaxed and personal, it was great connecting with her."


Step Four: Pre-Interview Prep

If you’ve made it this far, it means we think there’s real potential for a match with one of our current openings. You’ll spend 45-minutes with Tim, our CEO, for a deeper layer of prep. Tim dives into personalized advice on word choice, success metrics, sales, professional growth, networking and more. Successful candidates will be presented to potential employers with our full vote of confidence.