The "Highly-Acclaimed" Red Letter Process


Step #1: Complete QuickApp

Answer a few simple questions and upload your resume. We'll do a thorough screen and successful candidates will be invited to Step #2, a First Impressions Video call.


Step #2: First Impressions Video Call

Kara leads most of our first impressions calls. She'll take time to hear about you as a person and understand your passions, pursuits and priorities. She will also offer actionable advice on your presentation skills. The tone of this call is designed to be relaxed and personal. No need to prepare. Just allow your true personality to show through. 45-60 minutes.


Step #3: Pre-Interview Prep

If you’ve made it to this step, it means we think there’s real potential for a match with one of our current openings. You’ll spend 45-minutes with Tim, our CEO, for a deeper layer of prep. Tim dives into personalized advice on word choice, success metrics, sales, professional growth, networking and more. Successful candidates will be presented to potential employers with our full vote of confidence.


Candidate Comments

Dan B.
Solutions Consultant Candidate
"Kara set the tone right away by taking an interest in my life outside of the workplace. It was refreshing to experience a different kind of screening call, wherein you feel like a person of interest rather than just another candidate."

Molly R.
Account Executive Candidate
"Coming from a recruiting background where we heavily vetted candidates, I have to say this process superscedes my former employer. Primarily, it's nice to be vetted for my background and what I bring to the table as opposed to be screened for one particular role or company. Overall, I've been very impressed."
Monte G.
Account Executive Candidate
"Its apparent Red Letter understands that resumes are a poor measure of a persons skills and abilities. I love it that they took time to get to know me, understand my strengths and weaknesses and COACHED me when needed! Fantastic..."