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reviews "It's apparent Red Letter understands that resumes are a poor measure of a persons skills and abilities. I love it that they took time to get to know me, understand my strengths and weaknesses and COACHED me when needed! Fantastic..." - Monte G.

"Loved getting active 'coaching’ moments.” - Travis M.

"To invest this amount of time compared to a majority of the recruiting industry just shows how dedicated your are to bringing the best to your clients, - Tyson P.

"An amazing experience. Like no other recruiting firm I've worked with! - Angie E.

"This was extremely helpful. Probably the most valuable interview knowledge I have ever received." - Evan M.

“A very unique experience that should be bottled and presented to ALL recruiting firms in the country!” - Robert W.

"The approach that Red Letter takes is like no other experience I have been involved with. Thank you. Red letter has a very good vibe and process." - Kelly H.

"I would recommend this organization to anyone who wants a personalized approach to recruitment." - Adam W.

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