I met an un-entitled millennial today

cache_852_852_0_0_100_16777215_millennials-entitlement-is-a-mis-placed-absense-of-fear I met with a guy this morning who was looking for a new job. That's what I do for a living and I love it. 

He's a bright guy for sure. Not only does he have his JD, MBA, and a wall full of degrees, he comes from a tribe of well-to-doers who have done so much good for so many people including; land donated to a university, another telling her movement-leading story in a Ted Talk, and still another served as president of widely-recognized non-profit for fifteen years. A rich heritage for sure. 

What was so refreshing for me was his "UN-entitled" approach to his life and career.

I'm sure his life and family has endured challenges, struggles, and hardships. That's what families do together, or separately. What was so refreshing for me was his  "UN-entitled" approach to his life and career. Even in a family of perceived privilege, education, and some early success, he remains humble, motivated, and un-entitled.

Yes, he currently has a job, a government job that is being defunded. Prior to that he worked for one of the largest tech companies in the world, and did very well. He's an athlete, a learner, and very smart. Did I say that already? He is willing to work 100 hours per week. He is willing to earn less and invest now with hopes of lucrative earnings later.  He is willing to read, study, and learn whatever is needed to know the product and the market. A few "millennials" will make these statements, but I have a hunch this guy is rare and real and he will be a real asset somewhere.

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