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Red Letter was started with the idea that when we connect people who care with companies that matter, something pretty special can happen.

Our ambition is to enthusiastically help you find the job you love and help you become the next best version of you!

We have a ton of experience (and a solid reputation) working with digital natives; individuals who are part of the largest generation in U.S. history with an affinity for technology, and a passion for brands, causes, and access.

Our relationship with you matters. We’ll do everything possible to connect with you and connect you with a company and a job that matters. We care and we’re here to help you every step of the way.

"Let us help you gain access to some amazing brands, causes and job opportunities."

No candidate fees

We work with fast-growing, red-hot, award-winning technology companies that are actively looking for the right people to help them accelerate growth. Your potential employer covers all of your fees.

Red Letter is selected for many reasons. It might be long-held trusting relationships, proven success, SaaS and tech sales experience, or our proprietary methodology that is uniquely relational and includes role playing, coaching, assessments, self study, personal connection, and feedback.

"We bring a fresh perspective to your career search."

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If you are looking for meaning and significance in your job, a new career, a career next step, or it's time for you to use your experience to make more money, we can help. As part of our process, we’ll explore your passions, priorities, and pursuits. We’ll even go one step further and do our very best to help you with perspective, positioning, and placement. We’re here to help you find the right seat at the table.

"We develop, prepare, and connect people."

About Red Letter

We are a group of young professionals (well, most of us) who personally know every one of our candidates and the right people who work at the companies we represent.

We’re nestled in downtown Kirkland. We serve Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland and surrounding areas.

We started with the idea that when you connect people who care with companies that matter, something pretty special can happen.

We will walk with you through your entire search including a debrief after each interview and interaction with prospective employers. We will work hard to help you win!

Let us show you the difference we can make in your search for a new job.

"You're worth the investment."



QUICK APP: 10-minutes
We’ll ask you a few simple questions and ask you to upload your resume. Successful candidates will be sent an email with an invitation to schedule your First Impression Call.

This call will help us assess your phone personality, tone, and get to know you a little bit better. Successful candidates will be sent an email with an invitation to schedule your Video Conference Interview.

This interview will help us deepen our understanding of your passions, priorities, pursuits, previous work experience and how you present yourself. Successful candidates will be sent an email with an invitation to schedule your Pre-Interview Prep with Red Letter's CEO.

You will meet with Red Letter's CEO for pre-interview prep, coaching, and next steps. Successful candidates will be presented to potential employer(s).

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It would be an honor for us to partner with you to achieve your hiring goals!

We have enjoyed a lot of success in SaaS. We know how to scale and we utilize our state-of-the-art and relational acquisition process to fill the pipeline.

We are an agency recruiter that specializes in sales: account executives, SDRs, leaders, managers, and customer success. The search for high-performing talent is tough. We carefully select every candidate and offer a proprietary 4-step process that qualifies, identifies and refers only the best candidates from the Puget Sound area. We believe our approach allows you greater efficiency and ROI. We'd love to earn your business.

Cheers for now,

Tim Abare

We currently serve a couple of the the fastest growing SaaS companies in the US and would love to explore a working relationship with you.

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